May 29, 2015


Moving... Again!

So here it is the small piece of heaven that my husband and I are trying to purchase. 

My husband and I have moved a lot. At lease once a year if not more for the last 10 years (don't ask me why I guess we just like moving) but now we are buying (not renting) a place and hope to be there for the next 4 year; he says forever but we'll see that moving bug might bite us again. So what does any of this have to do with Sister Seedlings? 
Well this year I want to actually blog here not just because I love to write but because I thing it will be a good way to document my growing business. Yes that's right I want this "New Farm" (it is less than an acre) to actually be a business and may be make money instead of cost it.  I would like to sell eggs, fresh garden veggies and maybe blueberries if the plants I potted don't all die before I move. I think selling seedlings, maybe a chicken or bunny won't be out of the question either. So here's to the start of my adventurer. 

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  1. Yay! I am so excited for you even if you are moving way too far away.