January 27, 2011

For the Love of Garlic

I have always loved companion planting, my favorite is the Indian trio corn beans and squash. Corn for the height, beans grow up the corn and squash is the ground cover. So I am always open for new ideas and suggestions. I have co-planted with garlic before with strawberries and sometimes basil, then when wondering the best time to plant and harvest is I wandered across this site and found out that lots of plants love garlic. Why? Garlic is a pesticide! Roses, lettuce and cabbage will benefit greatly from some friendly garlic neighbors. They do warn that some plants do not grow well next to garlic, most likely they need the same nutrients in the soil, but garlic oil or essence of garlic can help discourage the bad bugs. This being said I have now decided to plant garlic every where in my garden this year. Garlic is effortless planting, easy to care for, and of course it tastes wonderful and now it will help all the other plants in my garden!

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