January 5, 2011

Starting Over (again)

So a new year a new house and a new garden. Last year I had a postage stamp yard and very little good sunlight. So I potted most everything and everyone had company. Then I moved at the end of August (I hope the new tenants enjoyed my strawberries) and had to leave most of it. I end up with one box of strawberries and garlic, one pot of marigolds and a whole lot of empties. My first goal is to decide what, where and how to plant my new garden. Planting in the ground is not a option, I have a four inch layer of bark-dust then a rock clay combo so hard it killed on of my shovels. I also have to put in writing any request for permanent structures to the rental company, so beds my or my not be an option. This has me leaning toward pots, with heavily composted areas or straw bale beds. I like the straw bed gardening because any mess can just be put in my curb side composting bin. This less construction, less mess and more control over were I put them.

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